What Could Be Causing Your Head To Pound Like a Jack Hammer!

Do you experience Headaches or Migraines?

Over 4.9 million people in Australia suffer from Headaches & 71% are females. People who suffer from migraines can be 5 x likely to develop depression & anxiety, impact their sleep, suffer from insomnia, have higher stress levels and mood swings.

Headache suffers could be low in Co-Q10, B Vitamins – more specifically B12, Vitamin D & Magnesium.

Vitamin D deficiency can be linked with headaches disorders and an alarming 60% of the population are low and this can be from a couple of reasons. If you are carrying extra weight, you will have a higher chance of being low in this vitamin. If your magnesium is low it can mean that you are not absorbing your vitamin D as well.

You can email me or download my mood & stress questionnaire to help pin point what action could be taken to assist you.

They can be called a Tension Headache, Migraine or Cluster Headache.

Sinus, trauma, and vascular disease can also be a cause for a headache.

Tension Headaches

– mild to moderate and feel like a band around your head and can be caused from

  1. to much screen time/glasses/mobile phone 
  2. lack of sleep 
  3. muscular issues & tension
  4. caffeine/sugar
  5. dehydration/low water intake
  6. stress


– Severe pain and can last up to 72 hours and has a throbbing/pulsating effect in the head. Can be sensitive to light, sound and feel nausea. Could also experience visual disturbances, numbness, weakness & tingling.

Triggers – hormones/inflammation/stress/msg/food/obesity/sleep/odours (perfume, smoke, food)/mitochondrial dysfunction/genetic

Most people will normally take paracetamol, ibuprofen/aspirin, beta blockers, antidepressants. Some of these can cause ongoing effect with your gut and reducing your B12 absorption. An alternative that could be used is a combination of Turmeic & Boswellia for headaches, soft tissue injuries & arthritis. For chronic pain add high dose of magnesium in the beginning and for preventative take over a longer period or over 12 weeks.

Essential Oils like lavender & peppermint oil may assist and can be used in the house or dab a little on your body.

Herbs & Spices like Turmeric & Saffron are antioxidants & anti-inflammatory’s  and can assist with the throbbing effect and can aid in reducing the pain. It is also linked to assist with low moods.

Vitamin B’s – B12 is generally lower in headache suffers and it could be due to low gut absorption and taking medications which can lower the absorption of picking up B12. Other B’s that could be low are B6, B2, B9 & Folate.

Yoga could be beneficial in assisting with breathing, relaxation & body posture.

Food Triggers are very common and caffeine & sugar is known to increase a headache. Keeping a food journal is a good idea over a period of time to assist in pinpointing if a food is causing some of your headaches.

Your weight could be a contributing factor especially if you are overweight as this could mean a higher change of being deficient in certain vitamin & minerals. Plus a reduction in gut absorption allowing your body to digest and transport vitamins through your body. 

Massage/Chiropractor/Acupuncture/Dry Needling can all assist with the reduction of tension headaches & migraines.



Turmeric & Boswella – for inflammation (alternative from Panadol)

Meta Mag – (Magnesium) to help reduce frequency and to assist with muscle tension.

HPA Essentials – will assist in anxiety, insomnia, nervous tension, and it a great herbal support.

Q10- to offer mitochondria support and helps with inflammation.

Vitamin D – to assist with fat burning, mood support

Omega 3 oils to help in reducing inflammation and have so many other health benefits.

Keep a written journal or you can download Apps to help track Headaches and keep a diary check out >>>> Migraine Body or Migraine Monitor. I have a pain tracker form if you would like me to send it out to you to complete as well.

Blood Tests – B12, Folate, VitaminD3, Magnesium, Iron & Thyroid

Mood & Support Survey – complete the questionnaire to find out how you rate and see what alternative vitamins, minerals & herbs could be beneficial for you.


I hope you have found this information informative and if you would like to chat or see what vitamins & minerals could assist you please contact me and we can schedule you in for an appointment.

Feel free to complete the Mood & Support Questionnaire and email it to me at jo@backtobasicshealthsolutions.com


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