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Jo-anne Fairbrother Has Been Helping Real People Eat Better, Live Healthier, Lose Weight and Feel Great Again with the Back to Basics Healthy Living Program.

Food Could Be Throwing Your Body Out of Balance

There Is A Bigger Picture To Why You Could Be Struggling With Your Weight

You wonder why you are not achieving weight loss results. You know something isn’t right and begin to think your body is out of balance.

You feel tired and run down, at times cranky and you have gained a couple of kilos here and there.

The chances are you have googled ‘How To Lose Weight’ and been to the doctors. You had some blood work done and your tests came back all normal. The advice you were given was to increase your exercise, cut out salt, eliminate alcohol and change the foods you’re eating.

You leave the doctors office feeling flat & deflated, with no real plan in place. The chances are you have already tried changing up the foods you are eating and still not seeing any results.

I hear this all of the time, this is why I created the Healthy Living Program.


are a way your body is telling you something is not right

  • Feeling tired & lethargic you wake up just as tired as you went to bed you put it down to being busy.
  • Your hormones & moods swings are all over the place sending everyone crazy.
  • Your body aches all of the time and you wonder if it is an age thing.

  • Your chest feels like it is on fire after you eat.

  • Suffer with IBS & every time you go out you scout for the nearest toilet.

  • Frequent headaches that feel like there is a jack hammer in you head.

  • Often you are forgetful & it feels like your brain is not working.

  • Skin conditions like acne, eczema & dry skin

  • Sometimes it is hard to fall asleep & the tossing & turning is like a work out.

  • Sugar cravings and that 3pm slump.

  • Struggling with your weight & finding it hard to turn it around.

  • The Dr wants to put you on medication to control Diabetes, Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
How The Healthy Living Program Can Help You

Loose weight and feel great!



Cooking with Jo and Family Friendly Recipes

Healthy Lifestyle Coach

As a Health Coach I am here to help you step by step through education, support, motivation and be the person you can ask for advice.

The Healthy Living Program not only helps you to lose weight but it will also improve your overall health and wellbeing.

By understanding more about the foods you are eating allows you to get back on track, make better choices for yourself and create a lifestyle plan that works for you.

My role is to help you have more energy in the day and to feel good on the inside and out again.
It's Not A Diet, It's A Lifestyle

Promoting healthy weight loss

Losing that unwanted weight is not only beneficial for health reasons but will increase your confidence and well-being. With this program you will discover the fastest & easiest way to lose weight & fat burn without cravings, gimmicks, meal replacements & “magic diet pills”.
No B.S.
No counting calories.
No magic pills or restrictive dieting.
My motto is, “It’s not just a diet…it’s a way of life!”
Just imagine eating real food for real people… it is about understanding and eating the right foods to get your body into the fat burning zone!

The healthy living program
is more than a weight loss program,
it is about improving your overall health & well being


Watch your memory improve and that brain fog disappear (you will be glad to know you don’t have old timers after all).


Stop those nagging cravings… you know the ones I am talking about, where you are always backing up in the fridge for that little extra treat.


What if I was to tell you that within one week you will see a change in your stomach and start reducing those love handles? And as an extra bonus ladies, just imagine your boobs fitting back in your bra again! (I know, right).


Has your mojo left you long ago and you feel tired & lethargic all the time… it is almost like every day is ground hog day? Once your body hits the fat burning zone it will be like turning on your internal turbo boost and your energy levels will increase.



I am confident that I can help you to lose weight on the Healthy Living Program that I offer my personalised 30 day money back guarantee!

Follow the Healthy Living Program for the next 30 days & check in for Accountability Sessions. If you do not lose any weight I will refund you your money. You can not get any fairer than that!

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