The Back To Basics Program promotes healthy weight loss and gets real results.

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Jo offers over the phone consultations that are amazing and kept me on track.

I’m half way to my 30kg goal

thanks Jo, you have change my life I can not recommend you enough thanks!

– Shanna Kilfoy

I have lost over 27kg since I began seeing Jo, my neurologist has recently cleared me of my symptoms.

 I am so happy to drop from size 18-20 clothing to size 12-14.

– Maddison Hughes 19 Uni Student  Townville

Thanks to Jo for helping me drop 10kg prior to the coast to coast…

Having someone to answer to each week up till xmas helped me stay on track with my eating during busy times.

Feeling fitter than ever!


– Joel Savage, Townsville

New Year New Me

I had given up hope until I entered “The Back To Basics New Year… New You” Competition and WON!.

 I was so ecstatic to have a chance to receive guidance and support to lose my weight.

 8 Weeks flew past so quicklyI lost 10.7kg and 49 cm in size

 I feel lighter, healthier & fantastic…this is only the beginning. The food program is easy to follow and implement into my lifestyle…this is my year.

– Susanne Borellini – Burdekin

I Ate My Way Though Sadness & Depression

My husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness, then passed away. I found myself eating everything that was not nailed down.

I jumped on the scales and I was even more depressed, my eating was making me miserable.

I followed the Back To Basics Program and lost

8.9kg in the first 5 Weeks and to date 17kg.

I now have more energy and enjoying life again.

– Leanne Caddies Col Summerhays Crash Repairs

When a doctor wouldn’t treat my asthma, because he was sure I had sleep apnea instead due to my being fat, it was the last humiliating straw. Tearily, I approached Jo and confided my struggles with weight and asked for help.

Since that time I have not looked back. I’ve averaged 1kg loss per week and I am confident that I will achieve my goals…

I’ve still a way to go, but I’m grateful for her support, knowledge and very personable manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and her nutrition plan to everyone 🙂

Ps I don’t have sleep apnea and asthma is managed beautifully by a different doctor


– Lyndell Punshon, Townsville

Thanks Jo

I started with a personal trainer and began to lose weight before my weight loss stalled. I increased my exercise to 6 days a week but still could not lose any more weight.

During one of my training sessions I was introduced to Jo, she spoke about how tweaking my diet a little would make a big difference.

40kg lighter…I now have fun competing in sports.

– Sam Giblett – GNM Plumbing Townsville

I have suffered with painful stomach issues most of my life.

I went to see Jo about losing weight and haven’t looked back since.

5 weeks later… 9.3kg lighter & 53cm from around my body.

My journey is still not complete… I no longer have puffy ankles, my skin is the best it is has ever been and my stomach pains are gone.

I haven’t felt this good in ages.

– Amanda Fraser Age 55

 On average in 5 Weeks, you can expect to lose between 6-10kg!

You Can Achieve These Results too!

Share in some Back to Basics weight loss journeys

Needed To Change Her Life Around

Fran needed to change her life around and needed help on getting started.

Fran’s Health Has Changed After Losing 20kg!

Fran you are absolutely inspirational.

6 months ago you never imagined it was possible that you would lose over 20kg before Christmas!

Congratulations once again for taking the step forward and making changes to your lifestyle.

I am so proud of you…

Sandra’s Feels So Much Better Now

Meet Sandra Buurman she has been on the Back To Basics Healthy Living program.

This is her personal story about the changes she has experienced and how much better she feels with losing weight.

Sandra Now Understands How Food Was Effecting Her

Sandra explains how before completing the Back to Basics Program she wasn’t feeling well in herself and her doctor told her she needs to do something.

She discovered Back to Backs Health Solutions, and in this video she tells her journey after 7 weeks of working with Jo.

Carolyne Sees Changes In Just One Week

I get so excited when people achieve results and instantly start to feel better simply by changing up the foods they are eating.

Carolyne Doonan popped into my office this morning and besides dropping 3.3kg in 9 days, there are other things going on with her body as well.

She has noticed that whilst she suffers with bursitis in her feet and it is very painful to walk on in the morning… this week has seen a turn around and her feet feel so much better and it is not like walking on egg shells any more.

Carolyne often wondered if maybe her issues with her food could be related. Now she knows for a fact a lot of it was!

Overall her body is feeling so much better in such a short time.

Funny thing is the thing that made her decide enough was enough was the scary thought of being overweight at her daughters wedding. This was the motivating factor to get her butt into gear and do something about it.

Only 9 days in and the changing up her diet is paying off already in so many ways.

Great job!

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