Frequently asked questions

Can I claim on my Private Health Fund?

YES – If you have Naturopathy cover you will be able to claim for your one on one consultations. Some Health Funds offer rebates for Weight Loss Programs between $80 – $150.00. Check with your consultant on the type of fund and cover you have and they will be able to talk to you about this.

How much weight can I lose?

During the 5 Week Program, most females lose between 6-8kg and males 8-10kg. This is based on average statistics and individual results may vary.

I have a family; do I have to make different meals?

NO – the program is designed to be family friendly. On your program, you are given the Back To Basics Healthy Living Program Manual, which is full of great recipes for the family or individual. Remember “It’s not just a diet… It’s a way of life!”

Is this a meal replacement program?

NO – the program is designed to include fruits, vegetables, salad, meat and nuts into your diet. Everyday people like to enjoy eating so it makes sense to have real food for real people.

Can I still have alcohol?

The long and short answer is NO, alcohol will slow down your weight loss results and in most cases will stall your weight loss. I know there is low carb drinks and that pure alcohol has no carbs but they all still have a calorie count. This means they all still provide an energy source to the body. Speak to your consultant if there is a special occasion coming up and they will discuss this individually with you.

Is this program high protein and low carb?

The Back To Basics program consists of a balanced serving of proteins such as chicken, fish, steak, lamb, pork, turkey and some dairy. Carbohydrates are still included into your day but will come from your fresh food produce verses packaged foods.

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